Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shopping on our trip...

One thing about holidays is I love to discover different stores and well just shop. We didn't have a lot of opportunity on our tour but I did manage a few items :)

Just cos a girl can't have enough red shoes

Carry case includes tape measure

We sampled this with our lunch at the Prairie Hotel yum

just cos

More yummies, we sampled the Quandong Jam on freshly baked scones with cream for morning tea

Vest from Beltana Station

We did manage to find a craft quilt store in Orroroo when we stopped for lunch but as it was Sunday it was closed I would have loved to  have gone in for a chat.  There was an itinerary posted in the window and the next day was to be UFO day, now that would have been right up my alley. 

Well I'm off to get ready for work.  It's AFL Grand Final day today and we are usually quite busy in the morning before it all quietens down when the game starts.  I have a Dear Jane class this afternoon and then it will be straight back home for me so I can watch the game.  It's the only game I watch all year so I hope that it will be a close exciting game. Ciao until next time......Sandra

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