Thursday, October 13, 2011

Morning walk.....

note to self take camera! Last week I started a regular walk with my friends Ramona and Hermione at 7.00am each morning.  We walk around Birdsland a popular local park close to our homes.  I've been walking there for many years but never quite that early :)   It's very peaceful and well worth the effort.
Small Lake

from Bridge

Large Lake


Mum Dad and Ducklings

Red Roo
 I took these photos with my phone so they are not great especially the one of the red roo as I had to crop it.
We saw a small grey earlier in the week but I couldnt get my phone out quick enough and he bounded away.  I hope that we will see more although as it is getting lighter they will probably stay in the scrub.

Until next time.......ciao Sandra


  1. Great photos, Sandra! It looks so peacful...
    Wish you a great day,

  2. I could feel the fresh air walking in the beautiful trails.

    Enjoy your weekend!