Monday, October 31, 2011

Lucky me....

I have 5 days off in a row and I have a million things that I want to do.  One day is already gone, but this is what I achieved yesterday.

Pieces of Mystery Quilt

Quarter of Mystery Quilt
This was started 2 years ago when we had a class at Foothills you can see what we got up to here  We are hoping that Ramona will design a new Mystery Quilt for us next year, it was a lot of fun.

I haven't decided what I will be working on today, I'll post my progress tomorrow.  Until next time ciao Sandra

Friday, October 28, 2011

OMG it's Friday....

Yaay, I finished a quilt top this week, big pat on the back.  I don't seem to get many finishes these days so amn quite chuffed.  I really enjoyed making Gail's Song of Christmas.
I hope to get the top quilted over the long weekend. I am lucky that the shop is closed on Monday so I get a few days off in a row and I have quite a few projects to work on and the list seems to be getting longer every day.

Following on from Friday's Flowers here are some more for you to enjoy :)
White Camellia

Snowball tree
And even some weeds on our back grassy area

Until next time.....ciao Sandra

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's flowers

It's amazing how quickly the weeks are flying by.  It will be Melbourne Cup Day in less than a fortnight and then for me, the real countdown to Christmas begins.  I spent a couple of days with my mum this week, which we both look forward to.  She loves to see what I am working on as I always take some hand work with me.  This is what I took this time.
Block 1 of 3

Centre Block

The blocks are from Gail's new Christmas quilt Song of Christmas, I still have the beak to applique and the birds eye to do on the centre block and two more of the leaves and berries blocks, two heart blocks and then the handwork will be done.

My friend Ramona is doing Friday's Fences and I am so enjoying seeing all the photos, I'd love to join in I am seeing fences in a new light but time is a bit of an issue now so I thought I'd do my own little Friday meme
Friday's Flowers only a couple of flower but I hope you enjoy :) I would have added a photo of our white flowering Clematis but it is raining this morning so that will have to wait for another time.
Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Lemon tree blossom
The Lily of the Valley were my treat to myself last week and the lemon tree blossom was from mums lemon tree,  the blossoms are so fragrant at the moment.

Until next time.....ciao Sandra

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Morning walk.....

note to self take camera! Last week I started a regular walk with my friends Ramona and Hermione at 7.00am each morning.  We walk around Birdsland a popular local park close to our homes.  I've been walking there for many years but never quite that early :)   It's very peaceful and well worth the effort.
Small Lake

from Bridge

Large Lake


Mum Dad and Ducklings

Red Roo
 I took these photos with my phone so they are not great especially the one of the red roo as I had to crop it.
We saw a small grey earlier in the week but I couldnt get my phone out quick enough and he bounded away.  I hope that we will see more although as it is getting lighter they will probably stay in the scrub.

Until next time.......ciao Sandra

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My weekend....

Once again the weekend has flown by, work on Saturday and then a visit to the NOTY (North of the Yarra) Quilters Quilt Show and family dinner on Sunday night.

Gail and I headed off early to the show and it turned out to be a really easy drive, I haven't been to this show for many years and I am so glad that we went.  There were a variety of vendors including quilt shops, Embellish a Little buttons and some Long Arm Quilters with displays of their work. I took quite a few photos, here are just a few

and here a few more photos of our trip

Until next time .....enjoy your day ciao Sandra

Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautiful birds....

Just a little side post I will be back with more photos of our trip and my current sewing project but I just had to show these fabulous photos.  Last Wednesday I went to Carrum Downs Scquilters for our regular monthly meeting.  The bottle brushes outside the back windows were just magnificent and as I had a closer look there were 3 lovely rainbow lorikeets feeding on the nectar.  

until next time ciao......Sandra

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shopping on our trip...

One thing about holidays is I love to discover different stores and well just shop. We didn't have a lot of opportunity on our tour but I did manage a few items :)

Just cos a girl can't have enough red shoes

Carry case includes tape measure

We sampled this with our lunch at the Prairie Hotel yum

just cos

More yummies, we sampled the Quandong Jam on freshly baked scones with cream for morning tea

Vest from Beltana Station

We did manage to find a craft quilt store in Orroroo when we stopped for lunch but as it was Sunday it was closed I would have loved to  have gone in for a chat.  There was an itinerary posted in the window and the next day was to be UFO day, now that would have been right up my alley. 

Well I'm off to get ready for work.  It's AFL Grand Final day today and we are usually quite busy in the morning before it all quietens down when the game starts.  I have a Dear Jane class this afternoon and then it will be straight back home for me so I can watch the game.  It's the only game I watch all year so I hope that it will be a close exciting game. Ciao until next time......Sandra